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Our vision is in the next five years CTeam to become one of the largest independent HR companies in Central and Eastern Europe with direct presence in 10 countries, offering tailor-made HR solutions to local and multinational clients.


We create a leading HR company in Central and Eastern Europe.

We love what we do, and above all, we love working with people.

Our work is fun. There is no bigger joy than finding the right job for a candidate, finishing a successful training, completing a sophisticated HR consulting project, that will change the client company.

We believe in team work, healthy lifestyle, building relationships for life.

We consider everybody who enters our office, as client – candidate, client executive, employee, coming for training or assessment, supplier.

Our business field is called “services” and we are here and happy to serve your needs.

We try to promote eco&bio lifestyle.

No need to ask us for confidentiality, as it is our religion.

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